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Help us cross the finish line and prove distemper can be cured

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With Project Carré and your support, we can stop the distemper virus and the misery it causes for dogs and their owners. We're close to the end of the race against this awful disease and can see the finish line: a widely available treatment for dogs that are suffering and dying.

You can help make history.

For more than two years, the Save Dogs From Distemper project of Kind Hearts In Action has tracked the treatment and the Donate nowoutcomes of hundreds of distemper cases thanks to dog owners and vets who have shared their stories with us. Throughout the Kind Hearts In Action website, we have photos, videos and owner testimonials compiled over the years on the successes (and some failures) of the NDV treatments, but what we don't have is the hard scientific evidence that the skeptics have been waiting for. That's the goal of Project Carré.

Our plan is to work with vets to document and record a group of case studies to submit to a veterinary journal.  The key will be to gather scientifically reliable, consistent data. Participating vets will be reporting on successes and failures according to the standards of scientific inquiry. We expect this to resolve many questions around the NDV treatments, making them more widely available and potentially saving the lives of countless dogs. But this project cannot get started without your help, your donations. Case studies will require:

  • Laboratory testing to confirm cases of distemper and status of the virus after treatment
  • Video cameras for vets to document cases before and after treatment
  • The recruitment of dogs for serum donation. (These dogs are not harmed.)
  • Clinic staff and facilities to make NDV-induced serum
  • Storage for NDV-induced serum
  • Administrative costs for maintaining records and consent forms for dog owners
  • Other miscellaneous costs, such as submission fees to veterinary journals
  • Scientific and ethical standards will be maintained throughout the process. All animals will be treated humanely.

We also need to recruit more vets willing to participate in this project. If you have a vet who may be interested in participating, please send them to this page and have them contact us at for more information.

Gathering credible data will take time, coordination and funding. But, for anyone who loves dogs, this may be the most significant contribution to a cause that you ever make. This is a matter of life and death, and we are so close to winning.  Our initial goal is to raise $5,000, but we may need as much as $50,000 by the time we are done. Can you help us by donating just $5 or $10 dollars and asking your friends to do the same?

Your support can make a difference. Help us cross the finish line and stop distemper. Our best friends deserve our very best efforts.


Ed Bond

P.S. Have more questions on Project Carré?
Read our FAQ at the Kind Hearts In Action website.

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